About Us

Bakgat Coffins started building coffins and caskets in 1994 in a small factory with a staff complement of 5 people, manufacturing 100 coffins a month, and a 6 range line.

Our Services

We deliver a wide range of coffins and caskets in South Africa and Namibia, trimmed or untrimmed as well as oversize. We also sell chemicals, wreaths, bulletins, handles, shrouds, casket gowns, coffin and casket stands.

Contact Us

Address: 7 Rutherford Rd,
Ashburnham, Kimberley, 8301
Tel: 053 841 1901
Fax: 053 841 1900
Email: liesl@coffinmanufacturer.co.za

Choose Us For Coffins & Caskets

Our factory has a working force of 30 full-time employees. We manufacture 800 coffins per month, with a 12 range line, with an upgrade coming soon. We also have a wreath manufacturing line with 7 full-time employees, to cater for all your wreath requirements. We do custom made coffins and caskets as per your requirements.

Our range includes:

  • Dome Caskets
  • Open face Caskets
  • Half view Caskets
  • Elias Caskets (3 T Casket)
  • Flat lid
  • Open face
  • 3T
  • Full view
  • Children Coffins and Caskets
  • Cremation Boxes

*All Coffins & Caskets are available in Oak, Walnet, Kiaat, Ironwood, Maple